A Very Slender Christmas


Collect the presents before Slender Claus gets ya!

PC Release: 2012

By Ian Coppock

Of course I’m going to defile Christmas. You didn’t think I was going to let an opportunity that big just pass me by, did you. MUAHAHAHAHA!


The Slender Man Christmas Special is actually a bonus map on the Slenderman’s Shadow pack created by Dark Pathogen Studios. The goal of each map is identical to the original Slender: The Eight Pages. Ironic, because these guys claim that their game is totally original.

Anyway, your goal is clear; collect all eight presents before the Danny Omen version of Santa Claus, whom I will call Slender Claus (see what I did there?) hunts you down and kills you. With gameplay pretty much identical to that of The Eight Pages, no less! You have one flashlight. No weapons. You can run, but Slender Claus will always know where you are. In order to beat Slender Claus, you need to be fast, and for the love of Christ, don’t look behind you



This map would be in somewhat poor taste if the developers didn’t allow for some fun. The environment you’re plopped into is a maze of giant Christmas presents, surrounded by a blanket of snow.

Each present is a building, and each building may or may not contain one of the eight presents you need to beat the game. To add to the festivity, cheerful Christmas music plays in the background, and Slender Claus lets out a belly laugh every time he’s near. Which he will reach. Near you. Yay.



There’s no story beyond getting the eight presents; it’s the same Slender Man dance we all know and love. Get the items before the creepy dude, in this case Santa, catches you and kills you. You evade him by never looking behind you, a difficult task given that you know he’s there, yet cannot confirm your suspicions lest he emerge from the dark and murder you. The delicious tension that makes all Slender games glorious is no less present here, though it’s played down somewhat with the festive theme. That’s okay.

My first attempt at this map was ass. I thought I could trick Slender Claus by ducking into the buildings and making sharp turns around each corner, but all that did was earn me a pair of soiled trousers when I rounded a corner and fell into Slender Claus’ beard. Next, I tried wandering between each building in the snow, but as you get more presents, Slender Claus gets faster.

Do not let Slender Claus hug you. Hugs mean death in this world.

Do not let Slender Claus hug you. Hugs mean death in this world.

I actually have yet to beat this map. I’ve been trying it a few times today and will probably get back to it… a few months from now. The only thing more depressing than playing a Slender Man game on Christmas is… I don’t even know. Even I’m not that cynical.

If your appetite for terror wasn’t sated by The Eight Pages or The Arrival, Slenderman’s Shadow is available for $4.99. This map is included along with a dozen or so other locales in which you need to search for eight objects. Locations include a haunted mansion, an old prison, an abandoned carnival, and other dark areas where the Slender Man may lurk. Be on your guard!


Slenderman’s Shadow is spooky, but it’s completely derivative of Slender.

I just want to say thanks a ton for a great year of reviews. It all started with Belltow3r Gaming back in January, and now I have all this. You guys’ readership is what motivates me to continue reviewing games, just as much if not more than the games themselves. I thank you for your awesomeness.


You can buy Slenderman’s Shadow here.

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